King of Fighters XII News!

3 03 2009

For all of you fighting game fans out there, Ignition Entertainment has just put out a press release regarding the popular SNK King of Fighters series.

King of Fighters XII will be released July 2009. The game will feature an updated fighting engine, and a top-to-bottom graphical update.

You can check out the official website for the game by clicking here.


Fallout 3 Title Update

3 03 2009

Bethesda has released a title update for Fallout 3 that will allow for “The Pitt” DLC to be added to the game along side 3 new achievements when it is released. The new adventure will be 4 or 5 hours long, according to Bethesda’s Pete Hines, taking place in the remains of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“The Pitt” will available later this month on Xbox Live for 800MS ($10).

Red Xbox 360s Spotted At Target

2 03 2009

The special edition Resident Evil Xbox 360s have been spotted at a few stores. Don’t rush out just yet to grab a red 360, because each box is marked with a big sticker that reads “Do not sell before 3.13.09“. The chances of someone getting one this early are slim-to-none. Patience.

Credit to Joystiq for the photo.

BioWare Opens New Studio, Announces New Projects

2 03 2009 has posted an article in which BioWare announces they will be opening a new studio in Montreal within EA’s studio there. Half of the staff from BioWare’s Edmonton studio, where the original Mass Effect was developed.

BioWare co-founder and CEO announced that they will be working on Mass Effect 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dragon Age, as well as other “super secret projects”.

Review — Too Human [Re-post]

1 03 2009

I’ve been following this game for the past year, and I have sort of a mixed bag of nuts as far as opinions on the game. Of course this is a demo, but with the game being deemed “finished”, I don’t think hardly anything is going to change on the retail disc.

Too Human was originally in development for the PlayStation as a 4-disc action-adventure game. The game was shown at E3 1999, but shortly before its “completion” Nintendo announced an exclusive partnership with Silicon Knights, and the game was rebuilt for the GameCube in 2000. The game was delayed many times, and the partnership between the two companies was ended. Not too much was known about the game until May of 2005, in which Silicon Knights announced a partnership with Microsoft to produce a Too Human trilogy exclusively for the Xbox 360. The creators announced the game as a launch title for the 360, but it was delayed just before launch. The game has been delayed many times since then, but the game is finally here, and the game is officially completed. Promises of a demo were made in 2006 when the game was delayed numerous times.

Finally, the demo has arrived. I don’t have the full game, but this review will give you a general idea of how the game works and it’s pros and cons. Read the rest of this entry »

Review — Star Wars: The Force Unleashed [Re-post]

1 03 2009

I first heard about this game about a year ago when first did a video about the Euphoria,  Digital Molecular Matter (DMM), and Havok engines. I’ve been fascinated because this is the kind of thing that hardcore gamers dream of. With technology like this coming to video games, things will only continue to get better, and more realistic.

This would be the game that showcases the new technology, and just the promotional trailers looked awesome.

I’ve always been a big Star Wars fan, having seen all 3 of the newer ones in theaters multiple times, and owning all of them on DVD. The video games usually aren’t that great with the exception of a few. Read the rest of this entry »

Review — Gears of War 2 [Re-post]

1 03 2009

Last week, one of the most highly anticipated games since Halo 3 was released: Gears of War 2. During the whole promotional touring that Cliff Bleszenski did for the game, his catchphrase for the game was “bigger, better and more badass!”–Does it live up? Read the rest of this entry »