Review — Too Human [Re-post]

1 03 2009

I’ve been following this game for the past year, and I have sort of a mixed bag of nuts as far as opinions on the game. Of course this is a demo, but with the game being deemed “finished”, I don’t think hardly anything is going to change on the retail disc.

Too Human was originally in development for the PlayStation as a 4-disc action-adventure game. The game was shown at E3 1999, but shortly before its “completion” Nintendo announced an exclusive partnership with Silicon Knights, and the game was rebuilt for the GameCube in 2000. The game was delayed many times, and the partnership between the two companies was ended. Not too much was known about the game until May of 2005, in which Silicon Knights announced a partnership with Microsoft to produce a Too Human trilogy exclusively for the Xbox 360. The creators announced the game as a launch title for the 360, but it was delayed just before launch. The game has been delayed many times since then, but the game is finally here, and the game is officially completed. Promises of a demo were made in 2006 when the game was delayed numerous times.

Finally, the demo has arrived. I don’t have the full game, but this review will give you a general idea of how the game works and it’s pros and cons.

The game starts and you select from 5 different classes:

– Bioengineer: The archetype healer.

– Commando: An offensive character focused on ranged combat via projectile weapons.

– Champion: Balanced in all stats.

– Defender: A heavy damage taker focused on resistance and large hit points.

– Berserker: An offensive character focused on melee attacks, and short ranged combat.

Only the “Champion” class was selectable in the demo.

The game opens up with some beautiful full-motion videos. You’re introduced to the story, and the main character, Baldur.

The game starts off almost right into some action. If you’ve played any of the Diablo games, some features in the game should be very familiar. As you progress in the game, you gain XP to “level up” certain abilities. Starting right off, you face these cybernetic dog looking things, and some of them shoot homing missiles. The gme takes advantage of the analog sticks, and it flows pretty well. You move with the left analog, like prett much every game. The right analog stick controls your combat. You push the analog in the direction you want to attack, and basically the game does the rest. If the enemy is in a certain range, you will levitate towards them and attack. The gameplay is pretty simple once you get the fighting mechanics down.

The first small thing that annoyed me was not being able to jump on hardly any of the environment, such as the debris that’s all over. You’re limited to basically the floor.

The first “boss” you face is a big machine, that reminds me a lot of a Battle Droid from Star Wars, just much bigger. The thing also has a huge hammer-like arm that he trys to smash you with. It took about a minute or so to figure out how beat the thing, but once I figured it out, it was pretty easy. There are 2 or 3 of these things in the demo, and I played for almost an hour, it’s a pretty lengthy demo at 1.1GBs.

About half way through, you run into a women who shows you show to go into “cyberspace”. You walk up to a little cybernetic tank that has water, and press A. In cyberspace, you do a variety of things, but no combat; Atleast not in the demo portion. It’s mostly moving and doing things to open various doors, picking up health and such.

Directions pop-up on the screen sometimes before you battle to teach you various things. These are nice for demos, but it’s the most annoying thing when they’re in the actual game! Lets just hope they’re not.

Moving along through the game, the environments are very detailed, and the outside areas are beautiful. There’s a small mini cut-scene where you walk onto a floating bridge and it takes you across, and in the distance you can see an awesome sunset.

I guess dieing would be the worst thing I found in the game. When you die, you drop dead, and it looks like it’s going to start right back up, but no… It goes to a small cut scene where a cybernetic angel descend, picks you up, and ascends back up… Then it starts you back off at the last checkpoint. It’s cool the first time to see it, but after that it kind of just blows time and can get kind of annoying. The bd thing is that you can’t skip it!

There are times in the FMVs and gameplay where you can tell this game has some “last-gen” details, mostly in the animations. The animations are sometimes very robotic and slightly choppy. Other times they go from very smooth and realistic to robotic. Silicon Knights, one small piece of advice: Next time, use more motion capture and rely less on your ‘Unreal Engine 3’ ripoff.

In the end, it’s decent game. It’s worth checking out the demo if you’re into these type of games.

I’ll give it an 8.5 out of 10.




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