Microsoft To End Support For Original Xbox

27 02 2009

Microsoft has just annouced that they will be ending support for the original Xbox console on March 2, 2009. Owners who still have a warranty will be able to participate in an upgrade offer. No further details are available at the moment, but those deatils will be posted as soon as they’re available.


Watchmen: The Night is Nigh — $20?

27 02 2009

Interactive’s upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title Watchmen: The Night is Nigh, based on the highly anticipated upcoming film, will be hitting the digital markets on March 4, but many people will be disappointed when they see the price tag the game carries: 1600MS ($20).

The reasons for the high price tag are unknown, but the game does look superb for an XBLA title.

I have a feeling most people will be waiting for a price drop.

Game Developers Speak About Used Game Sales

26 02 2009 has posted a video featuring comments from various game developers. With the economic problems we are facing currently, used game sales have vastly increased within the market.

You can view the video by clicking here.

Call of Duty 4 “Variety Map Pack” Discounted

26 02 2009

For all of you Call of Duty 4 fans who still do not have them, the “Variety Map Pack” has now been discounted. The map pack is now only 400MS ($5).

The “Variety Map Pack” has been the most downloaded game-content on both the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Network, selling more than 2 million total.

Click here to go to the purchase page.

Microsoft Looking To Revise Terms of Service

26 02 2009

Recently an Xbox Live member known only as “Teresa” had her account suspended for identifying herself as a “Lesbian” in her profile. This has become a major news story within the Xbox Live and the LGBT community. “Theresa” reports that she was continually harassed by other Xbox Live members, and was reported numerous times because her orientation being expressed in her Bio.

Stephen Toulouse, who is on the Policies and Enforcement team for Xbox Live, has gotten involved in the situation and is getting input and opinions from members on the situation, and their ideas of what should be done.

You can read Stephen’s blog by clicking here.

Xbox Live Top 10 – Week of Feb. 16

26 02 2009

Major Nelson has posted the weekly top 10 Xbox Live games, and here are the results for the week of February 16, 2009.
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Skate 2 “Classic San Van” DLC

26 02 2009

EA has released new downloadable content for Skate 2. The “Classic San Van” pack will contain 3 areas from the previous Skate game: the Parkade, School, and the Community Center. The pack is now available on the Marketplace for 400MS ($5).

Link will be added when available on